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Dust mite covers for bedding 

Heat, humidity, darkness ... All conditions are in our bedding to promote the development and reproduction of mites.

Enclosing mattresses, pillows and duvet with ProtecSom® anti-mite cover allows you to completely wrap your bedding elements and thus protect allergic patients from allergenic mite particles. Whether made of Texaal® Cotton, Texaal® PolyesterNoxaalon® en Evolon® or Noxaalon® Bamboo, ProtecSom® covers are real medical devices designed and manufactured according to ISO13485: 2003

An study** presented at the XXII World Allergy Congress found an average decrease of 60.8% in symptoms experienced by patients using a ProtecSom® mite cover (Texaal® or Noxaalon®).

Certified process

Laboratoire ProtecSom is a French designer and manufacturer of medical devices certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 including the design and manufacture of dust mite covers.